About us

Best Mathematics Coaching Institute In Chandigarh

Mohan Institute of Mathematics holds the distinction of being the most established mathematics institution in Northern India, known for fostering a highly competitive atmosphere and boasting an exceptionally qualified faculty. Our hallmark identity revolves around diligence, dedication, and the delivery of top-notch education. At MIM, our mission is centered on establishing a hub of excellence in both contemporary and emerging domains, such as research, education, management, computer applications, information technology, and various other fields.

Our primary goal is to create a nurturing environment where each student can partake in a meaningful educational journey, progressing towards developing analytical, logical, and mathematical aptitude to reach their ultimate career objectives. Our commitment extends beyond imparting academic knowledge; we also instill moral and ethical values in our students. We firmly believe that wisdom cannot be passed down but must be earned through effort and dedication. At MIM, our satisfaction lies in pioneering new initiatives to disseminate the highest quality education, rather than focusing on profit-making. MIM is the only institute in northern India to get best result in CSIR NET Mathematics, PPSC ( All ranked by MIM ), IIT JAM, HPSC and many more.

Our Motive

MIM Academy proudly stands as the premier mathematics institute in Northern India, where our unwavering commitment lies in the growth and development of our students, prioritizing their success over profit margins. Our mission is to create an environment that fosters meaningful learning experiences for every student, empowering them to develop analytical, logical, and mathematical skills crucial for achieving their ultimate career aspirations. Beyond imparting academic knowledge, we instill moral and ethical values in our students because we firmly believe that wisdom is not inherited but earned through dedicated effort. MIM’s satisfaction comes from pioneering innovative initiatives to promote top-tier education rather than prioritizing profit-making.

Hard Work, Effort & Quality Teaching is our IDENTITY!

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