An Ideal Learning Partner, MIM – Gate Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

Are you looking forward to joining a GATE coaching institute in Chandigarh? Well, MIM is the best GATE Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. The experts of MIM Academy are highly qualified and explain the solutions in a very comprehensive manner. The students benefit significantly from the mathematics syllabus’s coverage according to the curriculum. The instructors have designed online courses for the aspirants.

MIM Academy – GATE Mathematics and Curriculum

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an entrance exam for admissions to postgraduate courses in engineering and science. Mathematics is one of the subjects included in the GATE exam. The following are some crucial topics in Mathematics for GATE:

  • Calculus: Functions, Limits, Continuity, Differentiation, Integration, Differential Equations and more.
  • Linear Algebra: Matrices, Determinants, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, Systems of linear equations.
  • Probability and Statistics: Probability Theory, Random Variables, Probability Distributions, Statistical Inference, Hypothesis Testing.
  • Numerical Methods: Numerical solutions of algebraic and transcendental equations, numerical differentiation and integration, interpolation, etc.
  • Complex Analysis: Complex numbers, functions of a complex variable, complex integration, power series, etc.

Apart from these topics, candidates should also understand mathematical reasoning and logic well. A solid foundation in mathematics is essential to excel in the GATE exam.

MIM Academy – Best GATE Mathematics Online Coaching

MIM Academy is the best GATE online coaching in Chandigarh, focusing mainly on mathematics aspirants seeking guidance and willing to crack the GATE Mathematics final examination on the first attempt. Furthermore, this coaching institute has an expert team of skilled instructors who are always ready to solve the candidates’ problems and explain the solutions to students comprehensively. MIM Academy is one of India’s leading online coaching platforms for GATE and other competitive exams. Here are some essential points about MIM Academy:

  • Experienced Faculty: MIM Academy has a team of experienced and highly qualified faculty members who deeply understand the GATE exam pattern and syllabus. They use innovative teaching methods and techniques to help students understand complex concepts easily.
  • Comprehensive Study Material: This GATE Mathematics coaching provides comprehensive study material to students, including video lectures, study notes and practice tests. The study material is designed to cover the entire syllabus and help students prepare effectively for the exam.
  • Online Classes: The online learning centre provides live online classes to students, accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The classes are interactive, and students can ask questions and clarify doubts in real time.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions: This GATE Mathematics coaching institute in Chandigarh conducts regular doubt-clearing sessions for students to help them clarify any doubts. Students can also reach out to the faculty members for one-on-one doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Mock Tests: MIM Academy provides students with many mock and practice tests. The mock tests are designed to simulate the actual exam and help students identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Affordable Pricing: The institute offers its coaching services at an affordable price, making them accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Overall, MIM Academy is an excellent option for students looking for high-quality GATE coaching online. Its experienced faculty, comprehensive study material and affordable pricing make it an attractive choice for students across India.

GATE Mathematics Online Courses Provided By MIM Academy

MIM Academy provides various GATE Mathematics online courses to help students prepare for the GATE Mathematics examination. Here are some of the GATE Mathematics online courses offered by MIM Academy:

  1. GATE MA Mathematics Online Course : This course covers the GATE Mathematics syllabus, including video lectures, study material, mock tests and doubt-clearing sessions. It is designed to help students build a strong foundation in Mathematics and prepare effectively for the GATE exam. The highlights of this course are listed as given below:
    • Course Coverage
    • Video Lectures
    • Study Notes
    • Assignments
    • Doubt Clearing Sessions
    • Mock Tests
    • Online Classes


  1. GATE Maths Previous Year Papers Discussion : This course is important for the aspirants of GATE Mathematics who are looking forward to knowing the final exam question format guidance for important topics in such a manner. The features of this course are given below:
    • Understanding the exam pattern
    • Identifying important topics
    • Improving speed and accuracy
    • Building confidence
    • Learning from mistakes


  1. GATE MA Online Test Series : The MIM Academy offers a GATE MA online test series course to help the aspirants to prepare for the GATE Mathematics final exam. The GATE MA Online Test Series includes the following benefits:
    • Course Coverage
    • Mock Tests
    • Detailed Solutions
    • Performance Analysis
    • Time Management
    • Access Anytime, Anywhere

Four Tips To Join GATE Mathematics Online Coaching

According to MIM Academy, the best time to join MIM Academy is when the aspirant has a good foundation in mathematics. Also, when the candidate has enough time to prepare for the GATE Mathematics examination. The following are the best times to enrol in GATE Mathematics online coaching as directed below:

  1. Join early: It is advisable to start GATE Mathematics preparation early, preferably in the final year of undergraduate studies or the beginning of the final year. This gives students sufficient time to cover the syllabus, revise and practice before the exam.
  2. Join when you have sufficient time: If you are working or have other commitments, ensuring enough time to dedicate to GATE Mathematics preparation is essential. It is advisable to join GATE Mathematics coaching when you have a few months free from other commitments, such as during the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  3. Join when you have a good foundation: Before joining GATE Mathematics coaching, it is vital to have a good foundation in the relevant topics in the curriculum of the GATE Mathematics subject. This includes a strong understanding of the basic concepts, formulas and problem-solving techniques.
  4. Join when you are motivated: Being motivated and committed to GATE preparation is essential. If you are not motivated, maintaining the required focus and dedication may be difficult.

Last but not least, that time is considered best when you are willing and motivated to start the preparation for GATE Mathematics. Also, the seekers must have sufficient time to prepare for the GATE Mathematics exam.


MIM Academy is the best GATE online coaching Institute in Chandigarh that provides the latest and updated study notes, assignments to solve the questions, and online test series in such a manner. Above all this, MIM Academy supports the GATE Mathematics aspiring candidates in solving complex questions by explaining the solutions to such questions in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Ques: Which institute is best for GATE coaching?

Ans: There are several GATE Mathematics coaching institutes, but MIM Academy is mainly considered the best institute for GATE Mathematics coaching.

Ques: What is the best time to join GATE coaching?

Ans: The best time to join GATE Mathematics coaching is when you have a solid foundation in the relevant subjects, enough time to prepare, and a strong desire to succeed in the exam.

Ques: Which offline coaching is best for GATE?

Ans: As already stated, there are several coaching institutes to prepare for the GATE Mathematics exam. The best offline coaching for GATE Mathematics is MIM Academy. The skilled tutors of MIM Academy follow a scheduled way to help the students in clearing the final GATE Mathematics examination on the first attempt.

Ques: How many attempts of GATE are allowed?

Ans: There is no limit on the number of attempts at the GATE exam. Candidates can attempt the GATE exam as often as they want, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. However, it is essential to note that GATE scores are valid for three years from the results announcement date.

Ques: Can I pass GATE without coaching?

Ans: Students can pass the GATE Mathematics examination without coaching by self-studying at home and regularly practicing the previous year’s questions paper.