Assistant Professor Recruitment for 646 post

In a recent statement, Education Minister said that important steps have been taken to overcome the shortage of staff in government colleges across the Punjab State. He informed that 646 assistant professors will be recruited soon. The education department is speeding up the promotion process and now promotions are being done from the post of lecturer to principal in schools. Apart from this, the department is providing 7000 primary, 6000 E.T.T and is recruiting 6000 master cadre teachers so that there is no shortage of teacher in any school in future


Recruitment Drive in Government Colleges


In an effort to bolster the faculty in government colleges, the Education Minister revealed plans to recruit 646 assistant professors in the near future. This move is part of a broader strategy to elevate the standard of higher education and ensure that students receive quality instruction from experienced educators.

Fast-Tracked Promotions in Schools


Acknowledging the importance of career progression for educators, the Education Department has accelerated the promotion process. The minister emphasized that promotions from the post of lecturer to principal are now being expedited, providing a clear and rapid career advancement path for dedicated teachers.


Strengthening School Staffing


To address teacher shortages at the school level, the Education Department is implementing a comprehensive hiring plan. The department will be appointing:

7000 Primary Teachers Ensuring that foundational education receives the attention it deserves.

6000 Elementary Teacher Training (E.T.T.) Teachers Enhancing the quality of education for younger students.

6000 Master Cadre Teachers Providing specialized instruction to cater to diverse educational needs.

These appointments are set to fortify the teaching workforce and ensure that no school in Punjab faces a teacher shortage in the future.



The Education Minister’s announcement highlights a proactive approach to resolving staffing issues and improving the educational landscape in Punjab. With these strategic initiatives, the state aims to provide a robust and quality education system, laying a strong foundation for the future of its students.