Grade VI to VIII

MIM Academy provides coaching classes by well-experienced faculty from Grade VI to XII. We offer three level courses for Grade VI to VIII are: Basic, Advanced, and Genius. We offer Offline batches, Individual Classes, and Home Tuitions as per your comfort. 

Our mission is to serve the best to the students to overcome the shortcomings of online classes so that they will be able to cope in the future world of competition and help them to become Mathematical genii. 

MIM JUNIOR Coaching for Grade VI.


Basic Course

The basic course for classes 6th to 8th is for the students who need help in mathematics, We help them to improve their basic concepts by first covering NCERT and providing them extra assignments and daily practice papers and thus taking them to the next level. 

Advanced Course

The Advanced course for class 6th to 8th is for the students who are good at mathematics but need a push to show their best. We fetch the best out of them and thus take them to the higher level by challenging them with the harder problems and encouraging them to solve all the books like RS Aggarwal and RD Sharma. 

Genius Level

The Genius level course for class 6th to 8th is for the students who are genius at  mathematics, and need guidance to show their talent to the world. We encourage them to prepare the international level exams like Olympiads and SAT. We keep them under the guidance of highly experienced and Olympiads and NTSE qualified faculty. 


Classroom Courses

MIM Academy provides a competitive classroom environment where students can interact with the teacher and discuss doubts and problems with the teacher and their peers. Such an environment helps them to face the competition and challenges them to improve themselves. 

Individual Classes

Individual Classroom where the student comes to the institute and studies alone with individual attention and proper guidance. These classrooms are helpful for the students who need special help to improve some concepts and basics. Our teachers serve their best to groom the student, encouraging them to face the competition. 

Home Tuitions

These special type of schooling is for the students who are comfortable at their homes. We provide the best teacher for the student who teach them at their home. In this way parents need to rush to find the best teacher for their child. they learn their best at their homes while owning the badge of studying from the best institute in the city. 


Clarity on Basic Concepts

Our main focus is to strengthen the basics and concepts of your child and to make study so interesting that they started enjoying learning.

Competitive Approach

We aim to prepare students for the competitive future. By preparing them for competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE, Sanawar School Entrance Exams etc.

Interactive Classrooms

We provide interactive learning classrooms where students are free to share their ideas and to discuss their doubts with the teacher and their peers.

Personal Attention

Each individual is provided special attention,
We try to raise their present level by providing them individual guidance.

Comprehensive Study Material

Every teacher/mentor suggests different books to follow. Which makes students confused about the best books. We at MIM Academy compile all the good problems and the study material ready by experts, provide our students.

Evaluation and PTMs

We take regular weekly and monthly tests. Make proper evaluation reports and share them with the parents. After evaluation, We provide the needed counseling and guidance to the students. which helps them to improve.

Other Courses

Our Approaches

If the student is brilliant in mathematics, We raise their level by challenging and inspiring them to solve harder problems and to achieve better results.

If the students’ basic concepts are not clear in Mathematics, We help them by providing extra assignments and special attention to slowly raise their level equal to their peers.

We help them by providing guidance and best material, challenging and inspiring them to sit and crack the competitive exams like Olympiads, NTSE, Sanawar School Entrance and SAT etc.

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