Career And Guidance

Career Guidance

Career guidance promotes improved course selection for students leading a lower drop-out rate, decreasing the gap between education and un/underemployment, providing a productive livelihood.Today, people should expect to make multiple career changes throughout their lives and continually upgrade their skills. The importance of establishing a quality career guidance programme is particularly important if today’s learners are to successfully adapt, and continue to adapt, to future labour market challenges

Choosing a career is a multi-step process. It involves gathering information on a number of things, the first being yourself. You should develop an understanding of yourself, including your values, interests, aptitudes, abilities, personal traits and desired life style. You must also become aware of the relationship between self and occupational choice. You must identify academic and career options available.

Career counselling can make your life a lot more rewarding from a professional point of view. Career counselling refers to a careful assessment of your skills, experience and training. The focus will be on helping you discover what you want to do with your life and how you can achieve what you want.

Opinions of friends and parents, and the young person is caught up in a confusing situation where making a decision is almost impossible. We are providing here a model that can help you to choose a career, gain competencies required for it, make decisions, set goals and then take an action.

A good career coaching program will point out the exact type of qualification needed for you to occupy a certain position. Thus, you’ll save a lot of time by avoiding costly mistakes, like going for interviews that you don’t stand a chance for. Once you clearly assess your skills and qualification, your job searchwill be a lot more focused and rewarding.

Career counselling provides consultation to currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate students, post graduate students, employees willing to upgrade their education & explore better career opportunities and their partners. It help students confront personal, academic, and career concerns, to develop the personal awareness and skills necessary to overcome problems and to grow and develop in ways that will allow them to take advantage of the educational opportunities. We also offer a wide range of consulting services to help students achieve their academic goals.

Career education encompasses the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes through a planned learning process in education and training settings that will assist students to make decisions about their study and/or work options.

You can manage your careers better through the permanent acquisition of knowledge and skills by means of career training and other ways of career education.

Learn through career opportunity and explore your career paths to see where you fit in, or where your dreams can lead – and discover numerous jobs locations across the world. Choose the career opportunity that fits you best: Learn when and where we will be available in person by searching our recruit event.

Learn from our team of professionals. The key to success is knowledge, so get the knowledge you need by selecting the program that interests you most below.

Today’s youth are more focused, knowledgeable, inquisitive, and ambitious.

Career education is better planned with the assistance of a career advice professional. A career advisor is a specialist in coaching people on their careers and on the further career training they may need for career change or improvement. He or she will help you to make very important decisions like:

Staying at university or starting to work now. Deciding if both options can be compatible; Choosing further studies or an internship according to your vocational identity and career interests; Presenting the correct profile when looking for a job; Leaving your current job or staying; Going back to study or taking a sabbatic year to increase your career opportunities afterwards;nd many others.

Remember career counselling is not solely to help you on the path to employment but to help you once you have achieved employment too. They can guide you when you are considering a change of position, wanting more training or applying for promotion.