MIM congratulates its students for getting Topmost ranks in CSIR UGC NET  – Meghali – AIR-14 (D-19), Mahinshi – AIR-17 (D-19), Palak – AIR-24 (D-19), Saurav – AIR-31 (D-19), Bhavna – AIR-32 (D-19), Disha – AIR-34 (D-19), Sukhmani – AIR-34 (D-19), Rajat – AIR-35 (D-19), Parul – AIR-49 (D-19), Parminder – AIR-50 (D-19), Supriya – AIR-51 (D-19), Kanupriya – AIR-79 (D-19), Rozy – AIR-84 (D-19), Ram Kumar – AIR-84 (D-19), Dimple – AIR-87 (D-19), Japanjot – AIR-89 (D-19), Shubham – AIR-107 (D-19), Rozy – AIR-125 (D-19), Lovepreet – AIR-134 (D-19), Pooja – AIR-173 (D-19), Watanjeet – AIR-180 (D-19), Dinesh – AIR-193 (D-19), Harshwinder – (AIR-3), Neha (AIR-4) Kanupriya (AIR-16), Ajay (AIR-16), Neha (AIR-19), Himanshi (AIR-22), Raghav (AIE-24), Saurav (AIR-27), Rajni (AIR-28), Priya (AIR-28), Sumit (AIR-34), Ayush (AIR-36), Sonali (AIR-37), Sumit (AIR-41), Jagjit (AIR-41), Anshul (AIR-48), Sapna (AIR-51), Swati (AIR-53), Navneet (AIR-55), Bhavna (AIR-55), Hari Om (AIR-66), Manish (AIR-67), Henna (AIR-70), Jaskirat (AIR-73), Gaurav (AIR-76), Sangeetpal (AIR-79), Atul (AIR-82), Anjali (AIR-86), Chitrarekaha (AIR-91), Rahul (AIR-103), Tanvir (AIR-151), Akash (AIR-155),  Mohit (AIR-171), Dinesh (AIR-189), Shagun (AIR-211), Suman (AIR-219) and many more..

Result of Previous batch – Shreya (AIR-6), Cheenu (AIR-9), Priya (AIR-10), Pallavi (AIR-16), Komal (AIR-25), Sanjolly (AIR-27), Navneet (AIR-31), Ajay (AIR-34), Baljinder (AIR-34), Nisha (AIR-40), Rohit (AIR-43), Rajvir (AIR-43), Kapil (AIR-45), Priyanka (AIR-46), Neha (AIR-51), Sonia (AIR-57), Krishna (AIR-70), Gurkeert (AIR-77), Navdeep (AIR-84), Shivani (AIR-86), Sandeep (AIR-88), Neha (AIR-95), Pushwinder (AIR-107), Manisha (AIR-126), Gaganpreet (AIR-3), Priyanka (AIR-9), Kiran (AIR-11), Aditi Jain (AIR-14), Guronkar (AIR-3), Manish (AIR-13), Shilpa (AIR-16), Litika (AIR-25), Kush (AIR-26), Manpreet (AIR-30), Shivani (AIR-30), Priya (AIR-32), Divyajyoti (AIR-33), Tania (AIR-33), Aditi (AIR-33), Charu (AIR-38), Manpreet (AIR-43), Jyoti (AIR-45), Ajay (AIR-47), Gurjeet (AIR-47), Monika (AIR-47), Surbhi (AIR-48), Lakshmi (AIR-49), Palak (AIR-49), Jagdeep (AIR-50), Jaspreet (AIR-51), Bhawna (AIR-52), Gurpreet (AIR-53), Amit (AIR-55), Ishit (AIR-56), Kapil (AIR-77), Sahil (AIR-81), Manpreet (AIR-86), Annu (AIR-89), Sukhchain (AIR-90), Akash (AIR-92), Roopam (AIR-92), Nikita (AIR-93), Sukhpal (AIR-97), Mandeep (AIR-98), Jagshir (AIR -105), Jyotsna (AIR-107), Amrinder (AIR-115), Kusum (AIR-119), Neelam (AIR-121), Sushma (AIR-121), Ankit (AIR-122), Daljeet (AIR-123), Bharti (AIR-134), Krishna (AIR-171), Amandeep (AIR-197), Ashima (AIR-210), Preeti (AIR-222) and many more.

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